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The San Francisco Action Center of Vibha has about 15 active members. We are constantly looking for more volunteers to join us, help us out in our activities and of course have a lot of fun in the process.

We meet every other Wednesday in the food court at Rincon Center, located at :
88, Howard Street(between Howard and Mission on Spear St.) just South of Market and close to the financial district.

For more info contact our
volunteer co-ordinator


Nov 8, 2003.

**Dandia '03**, an evening of lively fun and colors. Organized at the St. Nicholas Church in the scenic Diamond Heights district of San Francisco. More...

June 6-7, 2003.

**Bravely Fought The Queen**,a lively and provocative play written by Mahesh dattani, that charters through the emotional, financial and sexual intricacies of a modern-day Indian family. Last time Vibha SF and a'shore Productions got together to organize the play - "A large soda, No ice please!" - it was a resounding success. Critics have described this play as intense, funny, spontaneous and much more.

It was organized at the plush Cowell Theatre at Fort mason in San Francisco. More...

Feb-Mar, 2003.

Vibha San Fancisco, organized screenings of World Cup Cricket 2003(Feb'03-Mar'03) at Kezar pub in San Francisco.